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Protect your mobile messaging from known and evolving threats with industry-leading, real-time, automated, and predictive mobile security products and solutions deployed in your network or managed by us in the cloud.

Cloudmark solutions set the industry standard for protecting organizations from today's most advanced threats.

Cloudmark Platform for Mobile

Cloudmark Platform for Mobile Messaging is a high-performance, carrier-grade security solution that automatically detects and mitigates all categories of mobile messaging abuse and threats across a service provider’s network. Cloudmark Platform for Mobile Messaging delivers a powerful, feature-rich foundation with granular controls for fine tuning of the service.

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  • Market-leading SMS, MMS, and RCS Firewall, anti-abuse Policy Decision Point (PDP)
  • Scalable, proven, carrier-grade sender reputation and content filtering for mobile that protects against Phishing/SMiShing, Spam, Grey Route Abuse, and Mobile Malware

Cloudmark Spam Reporting Service (SRS)

The Cloudmark SRS provides a clearinghouse of messaging spam reports submitted by mobile consumers from participating mobile networks around the world. Subscribers can easily report SMS spam to a special short code, such as "7726" (S-P-A-M). Through the automated collection and analysis of subscriber-reported spam, the service provides operators with collaborative, real-time global insight into threats against their networks and subscribers.

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  • Reporting platform for mobile users to report Phishing/Smishing and other threats providing mobile operators real-time visibility and actionable intelligence of all mobile messaging threats
  • Hosted mobile spam feedback system and reporting console deployed as a cloud-based service offering

Cloudmark Cloud for Mobile

The Cloudmark Cloud for Mobile provides Mobile Operators with the most comprehensive inbound email and messaging security solution that integrates seamlessly into any existing infrastructure.

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  • Security for SMS, MMS, RCS, CPaaS, and Email to SMS mobile messaging for mobile operators in a comprehensive cloud-based service offering
  • Real-time intelligence providing 24x7x365 protection based on expert anti-abuse management from the Cloudmark SOC combined with the Cloudmark Global Threat Network