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The industry leader in providing mobile messaging security solutions

Cloudmark Cloud for Mobile offers a robust security service providing protection from spam, phishing, smishing, and other nefarious inbound SMS, MMS, RCS, CPaaS, and Email messages to the operator’s customers.

Cloudmark supplies mobile operators with a choice of providing protection in their network or enabling security in a cloud-based service.

The service combines cloud-based tools with real-time threat data and intelligence from the Cloudmark Global Threat Network and 24x7x365 protection from expert anti-abuse management of the Cloudmark SOC to provide this robust, worry-free, and comprehensive cloud-based protection.

A growing majority of consumers and business professionals spend more time per day on their mobile devices than on personal computers. While mobile subscribers have a wide array of messaging and OTT systems to choose from, only SMS and MMS are broadly interoperable across the world’s mobile networks, regardless of handset type or installed applications. This interoperability is driving a resurgence in interest in mobile messaging, primarily by enterprises seeking to leverage mobile messaging’s high open rates to engage with their customers via application to person (A2P) channels.

Mobile messaging’s open nature and high read rate, however, carries inherent risks that make the platform a favorite target for attackers.

Comparable to email, malicious actors are constantly evolving their tactics to attack mobile subscribers with messages containing spam, phishing, malware and unpaid inter-carrier traffic. Leveraging SIM boxes, ambivalent cloud-based mobile vendors, malware infected applications, and micro-payment integrated SMS proxy applications, attackers are able to send enormous volumes of messaging traffic on a daily basis from vastly varied sources, evading typical sender based volumetric policy limits.

In order to maintain a safe mobile messaging environment and keep subscribers engaged with their mobile messaging platforms, mobile network operators must provide protection against the broad range of threats that target subscribers and their handsets.

The Cloudmark Solution

Cloudmark is 100% focused on messaging security and is the industry leader in providing mobile messaging security solutions to the world’s premiere service providers. Cloudmark detects and blocks mobile messaging threats using data from the Cloudmark Global Threat Network combined with advanced algorithms, machine learning, and predictive methods. The Cloudmark Global Threat Network receives real‐time threat reports from billions of subscribers in 165 countries and analyzes over 150 million spam and malware reports every month. The Cloudmark Global Threat Network is the most comprehensive in the world and includes mobile operator abuse teams, systems administrators, automated spam traps and end users. Real‐time intelligence enables the industry’s most comprehensive protection against zero hour and ever evolving threats.  

Cloudmark provides all of the components required to deliver leading edge security to protect mobile network provider’s customers from inbound threats.  Cloudmark blocks unwanted traffic on operator networks, freeing bandwidth for legitimate uses. Spam and malware mitigation builds subscriber and enterprise trust while Security‐as‐a‐Service enables offers such as archiving, parental controls, anti‐ sexting and anti‐bullying.

Key Features

  • High performance attack grouping and content analysis
  • Centralized administration and policy control
  • Abuse team-focused management tools 
  • Advanced analytical reporting and dashboards 
  • Easy integrate with LDAP and provisioning systems 
  • Predictive security with machine learning that automatically learns and adapts to ever escalating threats
  • Cloud-based service removes the hardware requirement; CapEx avoidance
  • Next generation protection, eclipses legacy protection of SMS Firewalls
  • Data analytics from the Cloudmark Global Threat Network
  • Cloud-based software solutions
  • Best-in-class support from security specialists – providing proactive knowledge to your team

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