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Authority ActiveFilter

Cloudmark ActiveFilter tracks fingerprints of previously scanned and delivered messages while continually monitoring for new threat updates from Cloudmark's global network of trusted reporters, enabling post-delivery remediation of misclassified messages.

Taking the Time Advantage Away from Spammers

Imagine having the power to use present information to make better decisions in the past. Cloudmark ActiveFilter, can do just that by leveraging the most up-to-date data on new threats to filter messages that have been scanned minutes or even hours ago.

Even with the most effective message filtering and anti-spam policies in place, a small percentage of spam messages can slip through the system. These messages are typically identified by Cloudmark just seconds or minutes after delivery – and before the recipients have logged in and checked their messages. Cloudmark ActiveFilter, with patent-pending technology, enhances overall spam capture rates by continuously reviewing newly-available fingerprints to see if messages delivered to the mail store within the past several hours are actually spam.

Cloudmark ActiveFilter does not need to rescan every physical message, but instead, uses a "push" paradigm that moves or deletes only specific stored messages that have been identified as spam after initial delivery. Cloudmark ActiveFilter virtually neutralizes any advantage of advanced spam distribution techniques that try to leverage the latency in traditional spam filter updates. The result: dramatically lower levels of spam and minimal impact to CPU and disk resources.

Features and Benefits

  • Enhanced Message Filtering Accuracy

    Cloudmark ActiveFilter extends the industry-leading accuracy of Cloudmark Authority by enabling detection of spam messages that been delivered in the previous seconds or minutes.

  • No Rescanning

    Cloudmark ActiveFilter only scans messages once, as they arrive at the edge MTA. Cloudmark ActiveFilter only acts upon specific messages within the mail store that have changed classification.

  • Negligible Performance Impact

    Like the Cloudmark Authority solution itself, Cloudmark ActiveFilter creates a negligible impact on system resources because it searches only for fingerprints of abusive messages. There's no rescanning of terabytes or petabytes of email.

  • Rich Data-Sharing Features

    Regional and global trend analysis through feedback loops with operators worldwide. Actionable intelligence on abuse leaving your network and detailed forensics on complaint data.

  • Web-Based Interface With Customizable Dashboards for Reporting and Search

    Insight into traffic on your network and reports tailored to suit operator workflows. Little staff training is required to realize immediate benefits: “double-click” to the needed level of detail.

  • Lower Online Storage Requirements

    Most carriers find that their online storage requirements decrease by as much as 20 percent through the use of ActiveFilter.

  • Carrier-Grade Horizontal Scalability

    Because of its resource efficiency, ActiveFilter can support even the largest carrier implementations.

  • A Better User Experience

    With Cloudmark ActiveFilter, users are exposed to fewer spam and phishing attacks, leading to greater user satisfaction and lower subscriber churn.

How it Works

Unlike other security technologies that release a new rule or processing logic against a new threat and then rescans all messages, Cloudmark ActiveFilter’s patent-pending message filtering technology simply changes the classification of an existing fingerprint from legitimate to spam or virus. Since service providers only need to take targeted action on individual messages that have changed classification, there's little impact on resources.

Cloudmark ActiveFilter achieves its efficiency through Cloudmark's Advanced Message Fingerprinting technology that reduces a spam message to a lightweight set of "fingerprints" — a unique abstraction of the message. Cloudmark ActiveFilter caches fingerprints that have been scanned and delivered to the mail store while also continually monitoring for new fingerprint updates from Cloudmark's Global Threat Network. If there's a match between a newly-identified spam fingerprint and a message in the mail store, Cloudmark ActiveFilter notifies the mail store to take action on just that specific message.

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