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The exploding popularity of mobile email, mobile instant messaging, SMS and MMS communication together with ever-evolving forms of mobile content opens up a world of possibilities for spammers, phishers, and virus-writers. Operators worldwide are already seeing a growing amount of abusive traffic on their mobile networks. As sophisticated messaging threats further extend to the mobile environment, mobile network operators (MNOs) are turning to Cloudmark to stop these virulent threats from reaching their subscribers and impacting networks.

Cloudmark Security Platform for Mobile Messaging protects mobile networks and subscribers from spam, phishing and viruses over SMS, MMS and email. Cloudmark Authority's advanced content filtering goes beyond protocol level controls that counteract signaling fraud between mobile networks to catch on-network attacks, such as spam from mobile bots or prepaid accounts, and sophisticated off-network abuse that have already been accepted by partner networks.

Cloudmark enables mobile partners to offer a broad range of mobile security solutions, from solutions for a specific type of mobile threat (e.g., MMS viruses) to a complete, end-to-end messaging security platform for defense against all forms of current and evolving messaging threats.

Cloudmark's current partners include mobile industry leaders and innovators:

  • Acision


    Acision, a market leader in mobile messaging technology, provides solutions for high volume mobile data services for large operators around the world.

    About the Partnership

    Cloudmark Security Platform for Mobile Messaging integrates into Acision's mobile messaging products, protects mobile networks and subscribers from on-network and off-network spam, phishing and viruses over SMS and MMS.

  • CLX Networks

    CLX Networks'

    CLX Networks helps enterprises communicate directly and efficiently with customers, partners and employees all over the world. By working closely together with mobile network operators and mobile application service providers, CLX Networks offers messaging services with the highest quality and best price performance.

    CLX Networks also supports Mobile Operators in identifying and addressing the growing multibillion-Euro business opportunity of mobile enterprise messaging. This enables operators to increase their enterprise messaging revenues while keeping a close eye on the total cost of ownership for improved bottom-line results.

  • Mavenir


    Mavenir provides next-generation mobile messaging and wireless internet infrastructure, applications and solutions. Mavenir's AirGuard AntiSpam solution provides anti-flooding and anti-fraud controls to protect mobile operator's network resources and maintain service quality.

    About the Partnership

    Cloudmark Authority is integrated into the Mavenir Airguard AntiSpam solution, providing content-based protection against spam and phishing over SMS, protecting against attacks originating from inside or outside the operator's home network.

  • Symsoft


    Symsoft is a trusted expert and a leading provider of messaging and online charging solutions with over twenty years of industry experience, enabling operators globally to stay ahead of their competitors in an increasingly competitive telecom market. Symsoft’s innovative messaging products help operators serve both person-to-person and enterprise messaging markets and protect operators and subscribers from malicious traffic.

  • Tango


    Tango Telecom is the leading provider of Policy Control, Real-time Charging and Advanced Messaging Solutions for evolving networks and was recently awarded a prestigious Global Mobile Award 2011 for the implementation of its iAX™ Dynamic Pricing Service. Through a combination of seamless integration capabilities and an evolutionary approach to infrastructure replacement, the iAX™ Solution Portfolio enables the rapid launch of new and enhanced services to maximize revenue potential, increase return on capital and boost subscriber loyalty.

    Tango Telecom partners with operators such as America Movil, Telefónica O2, Vodafone, Indosat, Axiata Group, Zain Group and Airtel to bring enhanced services to more than 450 million subscribers world-wide. Tango Telecom continues to set industry benchmarks with recent studies showing unmatched throughput for its next generation messaging portfolio on standard commerical hardware.

    About the Partnership

    Cloudmark Security Platform for Mobile Messaging integrates with Tango Telecom iAX™ SMS, providing a truly end-to-end solution to all messaging based threats operators and their subscribers could experience. The result is one of the most accurate defences available against the widest variety of abuses, including on and off network attacks, spam, sniffing, faking, spoofing and flooding.

  • TeleDNA


    TeleDNA is an ISO 9001:2008 certified VAS infrastructure products company, awarded as “Emerging Indian VAS infrastructure provider” by INFOCOM-CMAI National Telecom Awards — 2010 for its state of art, next generation, carrier grade VAS infrastructure products.

    Operational since 2001, TeleDNA has helped and is helping many mobile service providers and enterprises to increase revenues with its advanced product suite. TeleDNA product portfolio has highly scalable and robust platforms which can be deployed in Tier 1, Tier 2 or Tier 3 mobile operator networks. With more than 65 product installations around the world, TeleDNA systems are field proven and have almost all vendors network interfaces ready. As such, TeleDNA provides very fast roll-out and short time-to market to service providers.

    About the Partnership

    TeleDNA's Ageis(SMS) gateway coupled with Cloudmark's Mobile Messaging spam, phishing and malware prevention solution provides a state of art solution to address SMS and MMS spam on Telco networks. TeleDNA's SMS Platform leverages Cloudmark Authority's real-time content filtering services. Proprietary algorithms analyze all messages and generate unique 'fingerprints', which are compared to known-bad fingerprints stored in the Cloudmark Global Threat Network. Messages that match known-bad fingerprints are automatically discarded.

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