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Security Operation Centers Services

Engage the most experienced and trained messaging security personnel and the Cloudmark SOC (Security Operations Center) to monitor, analyze, and respond to email and mobile messaging threats.

Cloudmark SOC (Security Operations Center) delivers high value, trusted Managed Security Services

Available to customers demanding high-competency, rapid remediation, and reduced complexity.


Message Security teams arguably have one of the toughest jobs in the security industry today. These teams continue to see increasing malicious messaging traffic, increased remediation workloads, and higher expectations to stay ahead of increasingly complex threats targeting both subscribers and the network. Leveraging Cloudmark’s specialist experts allows network operations teams to become more efficient and focused in their day-to-day operations. The challenges of 2020 have changed the security landscape as many companies moved from requiring their Security Teams to be on-site 100% of the time, to one that has to include most being remote. This evolution has driven acceptance of outsourcing in order to augment existing teams and improve messaging security.

The Solution

Cloudmark SOC (Security Operations Center) delivers high value, trusted Managed Security Services to discerning customers who demand high-competency, rapdi remediation, and reduced complexity for their Security Operations. With SOC, Cloudmark becomes your trusted messaging security partner, providing peace of mind through top-level messaging security expertise. Cloudmark’s SOC expertise is recognized by major global service providers as the industry leading messaging abuse monitoring, proactive threat mitigation and alerting services for all forms of messaging traffic. SOC is staffed by expert analysts and messaging security veterans, who become an integral part of your messaging security and fraud operations team to provide the best possible messaging security for you and your customers. SOC services are available for on premise or Cloud based Cloudmark solution deployments providing comprehensive messaging security capabilities for all forms of mobile and ISP messaging (SMS, MMS, RCS, OTT, email, etc.).

SOC options are flexible and customizable to help you most effectively secure your customers and monetize your messaging assets.

Services Summary

24x7x365 Continuous Abuse Monitoring and Response

  • Threat Monitoring and Attack Identification
  • Proactive recommendation or implementation of Messaging Platform Policy Updates to respond to changing threat Patterns
  • False Positive Mitigation
  • Deep Threat Analysis and Forensic Deconstruction of New and Emerging Threats
  • Traffic Analytics Reporting Portal

Monetization and Compliance

  • Brand Monitoring and Protection Services
  • Compliance with sender fair use policies or regulatory mandates
  • Resale of Proofpoint Essentials targeting enterprise-class cybersecurity for SMBs

For the mobile operator

  • Proactive grey traffic management to deliver incremental revenues

For the mobile operator

  • A2P & 10 DLC identification and reporting, providing a better understanding of traffic patterns and trends for your messaging business teams

Fraud Alerting, Prevention, and Take-Down Services


  • Identification and notification of customer fraudulent accounts
  • Major Brand Phishing Notification
  • Canary Account Identification

Phishing/Smishing Site Takedown

  • Deregistration of Phishing/smishing domains
  • Deactivation of Phishing/smishing site content from target websites
  • Submission of phishing/smishing URLs into Google Safe Browsing client protection services

Sender Reputation

For the mobile operator

  • Manages Phone Numbers and source network for CPaaS and Short Code reputation

    For the email provider

    • Maintains lists of known IPs for ISPs and Email Service Providers (ESPs)

    SOC Point of Contact and Ownership

    Quarterly Threat Review and Reporting

    • Platform Threat Metrics and Trend Analysis
    • Deep Threat Analysis for top impacting and top emerging threats
    • Threat Mitigation Action Summary

    Daily Team Activities

    • Spam identification and updating of filters
    • Alerting of high-impact threats to your Security Teams

    Weekly Team Interaction

    • Attack Activity Debriefing
    • Trend Identification
    • Update Planning

      Additional Premium Services

      Priced based on customer needs

      • Risk Assessment
      • Additional Incident Response & Vulnerability plans
      • Continued best-practice plans

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