Cloudmark Solutions

Secure Your Inbound Traffic From the Cloud

Cloudmark cloud-based solutions protect your network from inbound attacks from Email to SMS and inbound SMS.

Protect your network and subscribers from inbound attacks from Email to SMS and inbound Short Message services (SMPP)

Utilize a cloud-based, fully managed security service to protect your network and subscribers from inbound phishing/smishing, spam, and viruses.

Messaging security for evolving threats

Enable Email to SMS Protection

Many operators support Email to SMS and Email to MMS gateway systems which open up mobile subscribers to reception of email abuse traffic via their mobile devices. Mobile network operators can ensure that subscribers have the fastest and most accurate protection against all types of mobile messaging abuse by deploying the industry’s most capable anti-abuse gateway and content filtering solution, Cloudmark Security Platform, before the SMTP to Mobile gateway layer.

Enterprise Security as a Service

Enterprise mobile subscribers receive SMS and MMS messages that contain spam, malware and malicious content. This unwanted traffic degrades subscriber perceived quality of service and increases operating costs. In addition to anti-abuse protection, enterprises have evolved to expect services, such as message archiving of all mobile messaging activity in order to comply with government or industry rules and regulations. Cloudmark Security Platform automatically scans all SMS and MMS messaging traffic to protect enterprise subscribers against all types of unwanted spam and malicious messages. In addition, Cloudmark provides customized messaging security services for enterprises and corporations, including a variety of value-added services that protect corporate subscribers, prevent data leakage and enable regulatory compliance.

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