Monetize Traffic by Identifying and Preventing Grey Route Abuse

Protect and Increase your messaging based revenues by monetizing "grey route" traffic and application to person (A2P) messaging.

Businesses have embraced A2P SMS as an effective channel for customer engagement

With Cloudmark’s A2P security solution in place, mobile operators are able to ensure all commercial traffic use approved and vetted paths into the network and to the end subscriber—preventing mobile messaging fraud and revenue loss.


Digital media consumption is growing rapidly, and mobile messaging is the fastest growing marketing or commercial channel.  Application-to-Person SMS or so called “A2P SMS” messaging exceeds $40B in revenue globally in 2020 and is forecasted to grow to over $50B by 2025 while advanced, RCS-based business messaging is expected to reach nearly $4B by 2025 from negligible revenue today.[1] Mobile messaging boasts an open rate of 98%, so it’s not surprising that businesses have embraced A2P SMS as an effective channel for customer engagement. This has led to a massive increase in A2P message interest by enterprises and a significant expansion of the global A2P SMS market.


This increase in popularity becomes problematic as enterprises seek out cost saving alternatives for sending bulk messages that circumvent the traditional and endorsed bulk message delivery frameworks. In order to send the volume of messages affordably, enterprises often select content or message aggregators based on price. Some of these aggregators resell traffic to less upstanding vendors who claim they can deliver traffic reliably but rely on SIM boxes and SMS proxy applications to send these bulk messages. As a result, mobile network traffic increases, bulk messages sources are not directed through monetizable routes, and potential operator revenue is lost.

The Solution

With Proofpoint’s Cloudmark A2P security solution in place, mobile operators ensure all commercial traffic use approved and vetted paths into the network and all the way to the end subscriber, preventing mobile messaging fraud and revenue loss.  As a result, mobile operators secure their A2P revenue, reduce traffic and overhead, while also securing and protecting their end users from malicious content and attacks. Juniper Research found that “Grey Traffic” represents $5.8 billion in lost revenue in 2020. Juniper Research also ranked Proofpoint’s Cloudmark Platform as a top-five solution in the firm’s current SMS Firewall Vendor Position Index.

The Cloudmark Advantage

Since 2011, Cloudmark solutions have been actively enabling Mobile Operators to recover lost revenue by identifying and delivering Grey Traffic in real-time, at Tier 1 scales. Cloudmark uses a multi-layer approach in solving Grey Traffic problems, enabling simple integration and providing immediate results in identifying A2P streams in an Operator's network. The core technology is based upon Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, which alongside our 20 years of messaging experience, groups clusters of messages, permitting accurate categorization of real-time SMS flows.


      Patented Cloudmark Technologies 

      • Statistical Linguistic Categorization
      • Percentage Matching
      • Cloudmark Authority Engine
      • Message Feature Extraction

      The Key Benefits

      • Speed and scale through automation
      • State of the art clustering technologies
      • Predictive, precision with Machine Learning & AI at the core
      • Critical visibility and control of Grey Traffic to capture lost revenue

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