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Cloudmark Threat Intelligence

Utilize automated and sophisticated machine learning analysis and the best-in-class Cloudmark Global Threat Network to accurately rate senders and content.

Robust tools providing real- time and actionable threat data derived from the Cloudmark Global Threat Network

The global security threat landscape is changing dramatically. Traditional threats such as email spam, phishing and viruses continue to rise, while new threats expand into mobile, social media, IoT devices and DNS systems. Attackers continue to innovate, harnessing weapons such as botnets and other low-cost hacking tools that thrive in today’s high-bandwidth network environments serving multiple computing devices.  Additionally, sophisticated attacks utilize and combine attack surfaces and social media across multiple channels or modes of communication to prey upon end-users and businesses

Integrate programmatically with your systems

Extensive visibility

The Cloudmark Global Threat Network is the most comprehensive and robust threat network in existence.  Collecting data associated with traffic destined for over 12% of the world’s Internet users across a variety of communications channels, the Cloudmark Global Threat Network observes various types of malicious and unwanted activities, the payloads of new attacks, and the systems involved in hosting malicious content.  General communications providers can leverage this valuable insight and intelligence to better secure their users and infrastructure

Real-time data

Real-time threat intelligence information is tracked for IP addresses, domains, URLs, and textual content. This data can be used by communications service providers, email service providers, web hosting providers, or other Internet services companies to evaluate messaging campaigns for known spam, phishing, or malware content or calls to action, frequency of reported abuse from third party systems and network owners, and website content for known spam, phishing, and/or smishing URLs.

Access to threat experts

Cloudmark security and threat experts continuously review the threat landscape, constantly monitoring for emerging threat adversaries and evolving techniques.

Cloudmark Insight provides threat data from the best-in-class Cloudmark Global Threat Network directly to network operations or service provider systems through queries based on a variety of standards compliant APIs and through Cloudmark Sender Intelligence solutions.


Sender Intelligence

Cloudmark Sender Intelligence uses real-time data from the robust Cloudmark Global Threat Network to create accurate, comprehensive sender profiles enabling communications service providers to set informed policies against good, bad, and suspect senders. Combining this data with communications service provider’s own environment, creates the industry’s most comprehensive sender reputation service.


Cloudmark Sender Intelligence solutions support a variety of integration options to integrate with service provider systems.  Delivered as downloadable data feed (DNSBL), it can be integrated into network perimeter devices — such as edge mail transfer agents (MTAs) and Security Information Event Management (SIEM) — to protect critical messaging infrastructure against spam, phishing, zombies, and today's advanced converged and evolving threats. The frequency of updates and the granularity of the data allows for greater flexibility in policy management, contributing to greater accuracy.

  • Cloudmark Sender Intelligence Global – IP address lists of known mail forwarders, poor quality senders, and suspect senders derived from the Cloudmark Global Threat Network
  • Cloudmark Sender Intelligence Local – Suggested throttling limits per IP address for legitimate senders derived from the customer network
  • Cloudmark Sender Intelligence Cloud – Sender reputation service for Cloud Provider IP space
  • Cloudmark Sender Intelligence ESP – Ratings for mailings originating from IP addresses associated with known email service providers

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