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Invoke csecmd as follows:

csecmd [/enable] [/disable] [/list] [-host:<host>]
[-port:<port>] [-user:<email>]

Table 1 Command-line options




enable a user for spam filtering (requires -user:)


disable a user for spam filtering (requires -user:)


enable feedback reporting for a user (requires -user:)


disable feedback reporting for a user (requires -user:)


scan a user's mailbox for spam (requires -user:)


display all users that cse knows about


display the version of cse


specify a user's email address to act upon


specify a remote host that CSE is running on (default: localhost)


specify an alternate admin port that CSE is listening on (default: 9371)

csecmd will exit with zero on success and non-zero on error. The success or failure of the operation can be determined by examining the %ERRORLEVEL% environment variable.

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