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Disabling or enabling user feedback

User feedback occurs when a user contests CSE's automatic filtering by moving messages into or out of the local spam folder. Information about contested messages is automatically sent to the Cloudmark service, where it may influence future filtering of similar messages.

By default, feedback is enabled for all users. This is the recommended setting to achieve the best accuracy. You can disable this option in the Server Configuration window. You can also disable or enable feedback selectively for individual users; see Selectively disabling or enabling user feedback.

For more information about how users submit feedback, see the Cloudmark Server Edition User's Quick Reference Guide, designed for distribution to your end users.

How to disable user feedback

  1. Open the Server Configuration window.

    The General tab is displayed by default.

  2. Remove the check mark from the “Enable automatic feedback” option.

    You can re-enable this option by selecting it again.

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