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Configuring connections

The Connection tab is where you enter the settings that connect CSE service to the Cloudmark service.

To configure the connection tab

  1. Open the Server Configuration window.
  2. Click the Connection tab.
  3. In the Connection to Exchange Server area of the tab, enter the following information:
    • In the Exchange Server field, enter the IP address or hostname of the Exchange server to which to connect.
    • In the MAPI Profile field, enter the name of the MAPI profile to use for this connection. (By default this is automatically filled in as CloudmarkSE_profile.)
  4. In the Connection to Cloudmark Service area, make sure that Port 2703 is selected.

    This is the recommended setting and will yield the fastest connection speeds. If this port is not available to you, select “Port 80 over HTTP” instead.

  5. In the Firewall area, enter firewall proxy settings, if any.
    • Enable HTTP Proxy Support

      Check this box if you use an HTTP proxy on your network and use port 80 as your Connection to Cloudmark Services.

      Specify an IP address or hostname in the Address field and a port number in the Port field. The native Cloudmark Global Threat Network protocol is encapsulated in HTTP requests to comply with the HTTP 1.0 specification.

    • Enable DNS Proxy Support

      It is normally not necessary to enable DNS proxy support because Cloudmark Server Edition automatically switches to IP-based discovery mode to connect to the Cloudmark Global Threat Network.

      If you experience “Unable to connect” errors, check Enable DNS Proxy Support and type in an Alternate Discovery Server IP address in the text box. The IP address is available here:

  6. Click OK.
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