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Welcome to Online Help

This online help shows you how to add spam-filtering functionality to your email infrastructure, in the following topics:

  • Introduction explains how CSE works, what's new in the latest version, and where to find additional resources.
  • Using the Administration Console shows how to use the CSE Administration Console to access CSE functions, such as configuring spam handling policies, enabling spam-filtering for end-users, and more.
  • Configuring CSE for Mobile Spam Filtering explains how to configure your server for effective spam filtering for your users' mobile devices.
  • Command-Line Interface explains how to control CSE from the command line.
  • Logs describes all events that are logged to the Windows Event Log.
  • Trial Evaluation describes CSE's trial evaluation period and provides instructions for purchasing subscriptions to CSE after it expires.

In order to use this CSE, you should possess a working knowledge of Microsoft Windows Server 2008 and Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 or 2010.

Additionally, the User's Quick Reference Guide is included with the software. You can distribute this guide to your end users to educate them about how CSE blocks spam and how to get the most from its features.

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