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About Proofpoint

Messaging threats change and materialize every minute, from unsolicited bulk messages causing inbox clutter to sophisticated ransomware and targeted phishing messages. Attackers today continue to find creative ways to entice users to open these increasingly malicious messages which can expose the message recipients to content that has the potential to cause significant damage in the form of financial or data loss.

Cloudmark Safe Messaging Cloud

The Cloudmark Safe Messaging Cloud (SMC) provides Service Providers with the most comprehensive email and messaging security solution that integrates seamlessly into any existing infrastructure.

SMC combines advanced data analytics, automated threat monitoring and a team of messaging abuse experts to provide the highest level of security in real-time and with extreme accuracy. SMC identifies and proactively responds to abuse activity and remediates compromised systems enabling service providers across the globe to protect their customers from known and emerging threats 24x7x365.

How does it work?

Diagram showing inbound and outbound message processing

The SMC Advantage

Intelligent messaging security: Utilizes Cloudmark’s Global Threat Network which captures threat data from billions of messages daily for increased protection accuracy.

Network forensic analysis: Automated detection and remediation of compromised accounts.

24x7x365 protection: Continuous monitoring system identifies new and emerging threats while a dedicated, global team of experts offer unmatched analysis and in-depth investigation.

Robust analytics and reporting: Real-time threat intelligence data delivered to help streamline the evaluation of malicious attacks.

Key Features

  • Expert anti-abuse management of feedback loops, workflow polices, whitelists and blacklists
  • Inbound and outbound messaging stream protection from spam, phishing, ransomware, and malware
  • Geo-diverse datacenters maintain full traffic loads in the event of outage
  • Works with existing messaging platform
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