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Messaging abuse can cause serious problems when not addressed in an adaptive manner. Stretched operational budgets and a shortage of security personnel skilled in messaging anti-abuse increasingly challenges service providers and hosting providers to keep pace with these evolving threats.The fallout of successful inbound messaging attacks hurt customers, exposing users to potentially dangerous content and insidious attacks such as ransomware.

Ineffective messaging anti-abuse defenses negatively impact businesses by allowing abusive messages to be delivered, resulting in upset end users, increased support calls, and reputation damage when customer frustrations are aired in public forums or in the media. High volumes of spam sent from your outbound messaging systems lead to blacklisting, large mail queues, bounced legitimate messages and reduced deliverability rates.

Introducing Cloudmark Safe Messaging Cloud

Cloudmark is a preferred messaging security vendor for leading providers, with over 1 billion service provider subscribers protected worldwide.

Cloudmark’s Safe Messaging Cloud solution is a proven platform that protects over 200 million end users at fixed line and mobile service providers around the world. It is designed to provide always-on secure messaging infrastructure, managed by Cloudmark’s team of messaging anti-abuse experts.

A cloud-based messaging security solution not only provides the ultimate protection from email-borne spam, phishing, ransomware, and malware and also allows you to more effectively use your operations budget and resources in other areas. By removing your team’s responsibility from day to day management of the anti-abuse platform, associated infrastructure, blacklisting, and other messaging anti-abuse problems, you can realize significantly reduced services costs while simultaneously improving end user customer satisfaction and reducing support calls.

Cloudmark Safe Messaging Cloud Benefits

Demonstrable return on investment: Cloud-hosted messaging security adoption can save 60% per year or more over a self-hosted, on-premises solution when all costs are taken into account. Service providers spend millions per year on systems, networking, physical infrastructure, personnel, licenses, and support to provide security to their messaging customers. Approximately half of the overall platform cost is incurred by personnel costs for managing the platform, while the remainder is comprised of systems and infrastructure required to maintain the platform with excess capacity to absorb unpredictable attack traffic. Cloudmark offers a complete, cloud-managed messaging security solution at a low total cost of ownership.

Reduced spam volumes: Cloudmark’s solution is run by its team of messaging security experts, ensuring a clean inbound and outbound mail stream. End user complaints and support calls will diminish through the reduction of inbound spam volume. Strong anti-abuse defenses keep attackers at bay, providing a spam-free experience for your customers.

Leading protection against emerging threats: Cloudmark’s reputation and content filtering systems are constantly updated to identify new threats, providing a higher accuracy rate than competing solutions. Cloudmark is particularly strong at identifying ransomware campaigns, blocking these attacks before they can impact end users.

Stop worrying about outbound blacklisting: Cloudmark can protect outbound messaging traffic as well, identifying compromised accounts and preventing large outbound abuse campaigns which lead to IP blacklisting and support calls about mail delivery delays and bouncing outbound deliveries.

Cloudmark Safe Messaging Cloud Features

Cloudmark’s Safe Messaging Cloud solution offers several features that differentiates it from competitive offerings:

Dedicated and Secure Cloud Infrastructure Options: Hosted service provider customers sometimes have unique requirements. We offer the option of multi-tenant or dedicated cloud instances. Configuration options exist to custom tailor business, anti-abuse, and integration logic to your specific needs.

Engineered Scalability and Uptime: Our customers are always protected ensuring service availability of 99.95% uptime. Cloudmark’s cloud infrastructure is hosted in geo-redundant SOC 2 certified datacenters. The infrastructure is designed to seamlessly survive data center-scale problems and scales up seamlessly.

Managed by Cloudmark Security Experts: Proactive anti-abuse defense requires message security expertise to successfully mitigate threats before they impact your business. Cloudmark security experts review the threat landscape, and constantly monitoring your messaging platform to ensure a safe and secure messaging ecosystem for your users.

Flexible Integration Options: Multiple integration options with on-premises or hosted mail store systems are offered. Secure LDAP connectivity, SMTP call-ahead, or other provisioning system queries can be accommodated, enabling pre-message acceptance recipient validation, per-user preferences, and secure SMTP authentication validation.

Enhanced Security: Secure message acceptance and delivery capabilities with strong TLS ciphers are supported, as well as message delivery security via next generation DNS-based Authentication of Named Entities (DANE) messaging transactions.

Powerful Reporting and Analytics: Advanced reports and dashboards provide visibility into traffic patterns and platform effectiveness. Administrator and support tools are included which enable message tracing and support team workflows.

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