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About Proofpoint

A Proactive Approach to Detecting and Analyzing Threats

Effective threat intelligence is a critical component of your cyber security defenses. The ability to quickly identify risk, prioritize and minimize exposure can save you both money and time. Adversaries often leverage:

  • Trial account access to exploit capabilities of commercial email or web platforms
  • Messaging or hosting systems to send out large volumes of spam, phishing, or malware content
  • Unpatched vulnerabilities to inject adware, malware, spam and phishing content into websites
  • Both businesses and end customers are severely impacted by these activities, leading to blacklisting, mail deliverability issues, web browser warnings and take down requests for content hosted on otherwise legitimate websites.

    Cloudmark Insight API to Programatically Integrate with your Solutions

    Cloudmark’s broad view of Internet communications enables visibility into emerging threats much earlier than competing solutions.

    Cloudmark Insight API enables direct queries into the systems collecting and categorizing threats collected by Cloudmark’s Global Threat Network.

    Global Reach and extensive visibility into advanced persistent threats

    Cloudmark’s Global Threat Network observes traffic destined for over 12% of the world’s Internet users via multiple communications channels. Our systems see which Internet sources are involved in various types of malicious and unwanted activities, the payloads of new attacks, the systems involved in hosting malicious content. We track the infrastructure which is involved in supporting these activities.

    Real-time data

    Real-time threat intelligence information is tracked for IP addresses, domains, URLs, and textual content. This data can be used by communications service providers, email service providers, web hosting providers, or other Internet services companies to evaluate:

  • Messaging campaigns for known spam, phishing, or malware content or calls to action
  • Frequency of reported abuse from third party systems and network owners
  • Website content for known spam / phishing URLs
  • Access to Cloudmark Threat Experts

    Cloudmark Security Experts continuously review the threat landscape, constantly monitoring for emerging threat adversaries and techniques.

    Insight APIs

    Cloudmark’s threat intelligence information is accessible via three REST-enabled APIs:

    Cloudmark Insight Data API

    The Cloudmark Insight Data API enables real time checking of threat status of IP addresses, URLs, textual content, full SMTP messages, or previously calculated Authority fingerprints. The query response contains the current threat classification and score calculated by the Cloudmark Authority engine based on real-time threat data collected by the Cloudmark Global Threat Network.

    Cloudmark Insight Features API

    The Cloudmark Insight Features API enables real time checking of previously calculated Cloudmark Authority analysis strings and fingerprints. It provides a current and historical overview of the fingerprint status and a categorization, for example providing insights into when a specific threat was first seen and when the most recent occurrence was identified.

    Cloudmark Insight Feedback API

    The Cloudmark Insight Feedback API enables programmatic reporting of incorrectly categorized messaging content. Feedback provided to this REST API endpoint is evaluated by the Cloudmark Network Feedback system and is used to update the threat categorization for like messages going forward. It provides a simple one-step reporting method for messages, including the threat assertion you assign to the content.

    Cloudmark Insight Crawler API

    The Cloudmark Insight Crawler API provides in-depth analysis of a queried URL. It performs analysis of all the URL redirects in a web page, rather than just top-level domain analysis. By emulating a real web browser and sourcing traffic from unlisted proxy source IPs deployed around the globe, the crawler provides the actionable intelligence to identify potential abuse of a website / URL without tipping off adversaries of crawling activity.

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