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About Proofpoint

Over time email users provide their email addresses to organizations who subscribe them to various lists to receive updates, promotions and mailing list messages. While the majority of mailings generated by these organizations are legitimate, user perception is that the mailings are spam because they have forgotten about the subscription, unintentionally signed up, or are simply unwanted. By tagging of specific classes of messages and enabling the messaging platform to automatically move them out of the user inbox view and placing them in separate folders or tabs, the user experience improves and user perception of spam detection is increased.

Cloudmark Content Categories

Content Categories allows users to sort through the ever-increasing volume of email received and concentrate on the important messages by moving perceived email clutter out of the primary inbox view. As a result, email recipients have fewer messages to deal with on a daily basis.

How Does it Work?


Improves user perception: Often times users report promotional mail as spam because they don't want to receive it anymore. Categorizing email helps users become more aware of what is and not spam.

Increase productivity: Provides users with more control over their inbox via categorization and Priority Inbox functionality.

Promotes responsiveness: By clearing out the clutter, users can prioritize and respond to important messages faster.

Lowers support costs: Enhance user experience, gain user confidence in service and quality.

Reduces Inbox Noise: Moving less important email messages out the inbox moves it “out of sight, out of mind" until the user is ready to read them.

Key features

Reduce inbox clutter: Moves less important email messages out of the primary inbox and into separate category folders or tabs.

Intelligent analysis: Categories are based on user interests for more granular classification of legitimate messages.

Customized delivery policies: Enables creation of new global, per-domain, or per-user delivery policies. Specify the action and destination category for each message.

Easy integration: Works with new or existing webmail applications and IMAP-enabled mail store servers.

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