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Cloudmark Security Platform Release 5.9.1 Announcement

Proofpoint’s Cloudmark team is pleased to announce a recent and notable upgrade to the Cloudmark Security Platform, release version 5.9.1. This release is significant as it aligns the product as the underpinning for all the Cloudmark-based email and mobile solutions offered by Proofpoint.

Release 5.9.1 further builds on the incredible performance enhancements brought to market in 4Q 2022 with Cloudmark Security Platform release 5.8.1. Release 5.9.1 leverages these enhancements for the benefit of both email and mobile messaging deployment environments. It also demonstrates the rapid development of novel enhancements, ensuring that Proofpoint’s threat protection continues to lead the market by a wide margin in performance and functionality.

The announcement document contains an overview of some of the key enhancements and new functionality contained in and available to customers with this release.