Cloudmark Platform for Email

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A high-performance, carrier-grade messaging security solution

Cloudmark Security Platform automatically detects and mitigates all categories of email abuse and threats across a service provider’s network.

Delivering a powerful, flexible foundation supporting a variety of content and subscriber-level policy controls

Cloudmark Security Platform for Mobile

Advanced Traffic Security

Cloudmark Security Platform for Email enables service providers to apply the most powerful security available across messaging streams. Our carrier-grade software leverages patented protocol and content-based filtering algorithms to provide network-level protection against rapidly morphing spam, phishing, and malware attacks.

Efficient and Scalable Protection

Cloudmark’s traffic processing and filtering protocols require only a fraction of the resources of competitive solutions, resulting in significantly reduced capex and power requirements. Clustering capabilities enable massive scalability and reliability along with enhanced threat visibility in the most demanding environments.

Granular Threat Control

To optimize security and network performance, administrators can apply advanced threat prevention techniques including flow control, denial-of-service protection, traffic shaping and connection throttling to restrict all forms of abuse and related threats.

Features and Benefits

Superior Anti-Abuse Protection

Cloudmark Platform for Email provides complete protection against spam, phishing attacks and malware with advanced content filtering, including Cloudmark Authority.

Unified Cluster Management

As traffic grows, the system automatically add nodes to cluster for a horizontally scalable approach. Maintain a single, cluster-wide view for greater threat insight.

Highly Extensible

Flexible API support for third-party or custom business applications, including provisioning and support.

Reduces Power Requirements

A highly efficient design reduces power consumption by enabling system consolidation.


Supports authentication and secure messaging standards with SPF, DKIM, DMARC, ARC, DANE, MTA-STS, and TLS.

External Data Source Integration

Query modules are available for querying external provisioning databases. Plus, Cloudmark Platform for Email features out-of-the-box support for LDAP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, CDB, CSV, RBL, RADIUS, HTTP, downstream SMTP recipient validation

Intelligent Flow Control

Rate limiting, real-time blacklists (RBLs), tar-pitting and TCP-level traffic shaping optimize messaging infrastructure utilization.

Flexible Policy Engine

Class-of-service and per-user messaging policy enables infrastructure sharing via streamlined interface.

Reporting and Analytics

SNMP interface enables easy integration with existing monitoring systems. Live traffic analytics, configuration information, and performance data can be queried for and updated via REST API and the administrative web interface.

With Cloudmark Security Platform, you gain real-time visibility into threats, delivery problems, and sender abuse with Web-based, real-time, and historical reporting. This early stage intelligence translates in improved policy decision-making and infrastructure planning.

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