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The fastest and most accurate messaging security in the industry

Cloudmark Authority frees network resources, reduces storage requirements and immediately improves the email user experience. Our carrier-grade software solution blocks spam, phishing and malware carrying messages with greater than 99% accuracy and near zero false positives.

Security in the industry for mobile operators, internet service providers, and hosting providers

Cloudmark Authority utilizes a unique combination of proprietary technologies including Advanced Message Fingerprinting algorithms and real-time threat reporting from the Cloudmark Global Threat Network, consisting of billions of trusted users located in 165 countries around the globe.

Inbound Message Filtering

Protects messaging subscribers from inbound spam, phishing, and virus threats. Industry-leading responsiveness and accuracy to all forms of messaging abuse drive higher customer satisfaction, resulting in lower cost to serve.

Outbound Message Filtering

Applies the same filtering scheme to outbound messages; scanning and blocking spam, phishing and viruses. By blocking outbound abuse, service providers save bandwidth, free system resources and keep their systems from being blocked or throttled by other networks.

Features and Benefits

Virus Protection

Cloudmark Authority uses real-time corroborated feedback from millions of trusted sources to instantly sort out messages containing viruses while not delaying legitimate messages. Leveraging the feedback and visibility of the Global Threat Network, virus samples are collected and isolated within a minute of attack origination. Cloudmark Authority then automatically creates fingerprints specifically designed to identify viruses even in their mutated forms (for example, changes in text, code, URL, sender and image.)

Cloudmark Network Feedback System

Provides real-time and historical analytics down to the individual subscriber level on messages scanned and feedback received. Service providers get full insight into abuse trends and effectiveness of Cloudmark Authority. Also, enhanced understanding of subscriber usage patterns and behavior improves policy decision-making and infrastructure planning.

Customer Tools and Support

Gives operators access to advanced tools for real-time changes to classifications. Provides access to skilled messaging security experts committed to partnering for success. Cloudmark’s renowned customer support leverages advanced customer tools to put power in the operator’s hands when rapid changes are needed. Skilled support professionals partner with customers to continuously optimize the messaging platform with the latest industry best practices and Cloudmark innovations.

How It Works

Designed for large-scale carrier deployments, Cloudmark Authority delivers up to 20 times faster messaging throughput than competitive solutions while utilizing up to 90% less CPU. It automatically publishes the latest threat data every 30 seconds so there's no need for manual updates. This significantly reduces administrative time while delivering the highest level of protection against new spam, phishing, and virus protection outbreaks.

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