Getting Rid of SpamSoldier

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A couple of days ago all the domains used by the Android Spambot went offline and have stayed down. This includes the Command and Control servers, so the army of zombie droids are now headless. However, if you did get tricked into installing this malware it will still be blocking some of your incoming texts, and spamming operations may lurch back to life if the spammer manages to point his domain names at a different host. So, here's how to uninstall it. First tap Settings.

Then select Apps

Then find "GameEnabler" and tap that.

Now tap on "Uninstall"

And confirm.

Uninstalling the malware will not stop your pirated copy of Angry Birds from working, but if you like the game go out and buy a legitimate copy from Google Play! It costs less than a cup of coffee, and took a lot more work to make.

Well that about wraps it up for this year. Have a great time at the Holidays everyone and a prosperous and spam free New Year. Sorry, no Mayan Apocalypse today, but we do have a Headless Zombie Droid Army which would be a great name for a rock band...