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Mobile messaging services such as SMS and MMS generate substantial revenue for today’s mobile operators, while new applications are emerging. As subscribers become increasingly dependent on their mobile phones for everything from communications and business productivity to financial transactions, they have become easy and lucrative targets for attackers. Escalating messaging abuse affects the entire mobile ecosystem, resulting in significant loss and of revenue and operational problems.

Cloudmark Security Platform

Cloudmark Security Platform blocks abusive messaging before it can impact networks and subscribers — providing a secure mobile experience, improving brand loyalty and increasing acceptance of additional services.

Cloudmark Security Platform : Mobile Messaging Features

What the analysts say

Cloudmark is clearly one of the leading vendors in the emerging SMS/MMS security gateway space
Jeff Wilson, Principal Analyst at Infonetics

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Unseen Cost and Impact of Mobile Messaging Abuse

Unseen Cost and Impact of Mobile Messaging Abuse

Learn how messaging abuse impacts mobile network operators and how Cloudmark can help.

Trends in Mobile Messaging Abuse

Trends in Mobile Messaging Abuse

Cloudmark CTO Neil Cook discusses the trends in messaging abuse over the last 12 months including the recent spike in fraud and phishing attacks and how the OTT market is now coming under attack.

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