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Cloudmark's 2014 Annual Security Threat Report

It's been a hot year for DNS. In our 2014 Annual Security Report we take a look at various forms of DNS abuse including DNS amplification, tunneling, exfiltration, and a study of DNS resource exhaustion at a major ISP. In the email space, bootleg Viagra® spam is a staple. This year, Cloudmark commissioned a chemical analysis of various samples from these fake pharmacies to determine just how legitimate and possibly dangerous these pervasive ads might be. Mobile customers have had their own woes this year with the largest targeting of Apple iMessage by spammers seen to date and we completed similar investigative research into this campaign. Our report details an investigation into the origins and on-going legal battle against these spammers and their evolving campaigns.

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Cloudmark Webinars

  • Domain Name System (DNS) infrastructure is critical to both the Internet and most private networks, however, many recent events have shown that it is vulnerable to attack, affecting millions of users when it goes down. There are tools and processes enterprises and service providers can use to protect DNS infrastructure but real protection is difficult to achieve due to the scope of the problem. This webinar provides a detailed look at the threats to DNS infrastructure and how those threats can be mitigated.

  • This webinar discusses how Application-to-person (A2P) SMS has increasingly become a key method for organizations to communicate with their customers. This has been driven by the ubiquity of mobile phones and the universality of SMS. Unfortunately, this has also lead to a massive growth in messages being sent through illegitimate routes that bypass the operators’ billing systems. This is commonly referred to as grey routes carrying grey traffic, and is a tactic commonly used by third-party aggregators to boost their own profitability. The result is lost revenue for mobile operators who often do not have visibility and control of messages on their network.

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  1. Cloudmark’s 2014 Annual Security Threat Report

    Jan 28, 2015 by Tom Landesman

    It’s been a hot year for messaging security. In our 2014 Annual Security Threat Report we take a look at, among many other topics, findings of DNS resource exhaustion/water boarding at a major ISP, a deeper look at the highest volume spam campaign to reach Apple iMessage users to date, and delve into the a […]

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  2. North Korea: Hackers or Hacked?

    Jan 9, 2015 by Andrew Conway

    Attempting to attribute the Sony Pictures Entertainment attack to North Korea is complicated by the fact that a worm active in that country may be allowing foreign hackers access to computers within North Korea. While there is no evidence computers infected with this worm were involved on the attack on Sony, any attribution based on […]

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DNS Leads to DDoS

DNS Leads to DDoS

Cloudmark CTO Neil Cook explains how DNS networks can be a gateway for DDoS attacks.

Cloudmark Security Platform for DNS

Cloudmark Security Platform for DNS

The Cloudmark Security Platform for DNS provides automatic, real-time detection and prevention of resource exhaustion and other DNS-related threats. Cloudmark’s patented solutions deliver immediate, adaptive and predictive protection from ever-evolving network threats with proven, carrier-grade scalability and operability, assuring business continuity while lowering infrastructure costs.

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Cloudmark News

  • SC Magazine

    Cyber Threat Developments in 2015

    January 5, 2015 by Andrew Conway

    "Notable events included the growth of encryption-based ransomware, a series of several high-profile breaches impacting major retailers and the exposure of several highly sophisticated state-sponsored espionage attacks. We anticipate that these threats will continue to mutate in the coming year."

  • eWeek

    Cyber Attackers Increasingly Sneaking Data Out Through DNS

    December 17, 2014 by Robert Lemos

    "For years, researchers have studied the use of domain-name service (DNS) traffic as a way to hide attackers’ communications. Now, companies are increasingly encountering the tactic, according to a survey released on Dec. 16 by infrastructure-security firm Cloudmark."

  • DNS Attacks Ravage Three-Quarters of U.S. / UK Firms

    December 16, 2014 by Phil Muncaster

    "Half of UK and US firms have suffered some form of DNS-related attack in the past year, leading to data loss and business downtime, according to new research from Cloudmark."

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Intelligent blocking provides significant savings on downstream messaging infrastructure and improved customer experience.
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