The global messaging abuse landscape has changed dramatically in recent years. Traditional threats such as email spam and phishing continue to rise, while threats expand into new forums including social media and mobile devices. Attackers continue to innovate, harnessing weapons such as botnets and other low-cost hacking tools that thrive in today’s high-bandwidth network environments.

Given the breadth and complexity of today’s messaging attacks, communications service providers need a scalable and targeted messaging security solution to protect their networks. Cloudmark provides a suite of carrier-grade solutions that simplify and advance the management of messaging abuse, while increasing network utilization and reducing infrastructure costs.

Learn more about solutions for

Mobile Operators

Protect your existing messaging revenues and brand reputation with solutions that eliminate spam and fraud, reduce costs, and enable new revenue streams.

ISPs & Email Service Providers

Leverage Cloudmark’s global threat visibility, real-time email threat detection, and flexible policy management to deliver a clean messaging experience for subscribers and customers, while slashing network and server costs.

Solutions for Web Hosting Providers

Empower your customers with a spam-free network with no blacklisting, all while reducing messaging server footprint and administration resources.

Why you should care about messaging abuse

Revenue Implications

Mobile subscribers, email users, and website creators have many options in choosing their service providers. Losing control over the messaging stream threatens existing revenue generating streams and routes.

Brand Damage

In addition to direct impacts, messaging abuse also causes brand damage, contributing to churn as users hold their provider accountable for undesirable messages. Add to this regulatory implications and costs assessed to operators that permit malicious messages to reach their subscribers.

Increased Cost

As email and mobile abuse evolves to become more damaging and harder to detect, providers suffer direct costs to combat the threat. From the network resources wasted to transmit and store spam, fraud, and other malicious messaging traffic, to the increased customer care calls, these costs can be significant.

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