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Email and Mobile Messaging Security

Cloudmark Authority

Carrier-grade content filtering engine that blocks spam, phishing, and malware across email, SMS, MMS, RCS, and other messaging streams. Backed by fingerprint updates every 30 seconds, Cloudmark Authority is easily integrated into any email and mobile messaging environment.

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Additional integrations for email include:

Comprehensive Messaging Infrastructure Protection

Cloudmark Security Platform

Cloudmark Security Platform offers high-performance, carrier-grade messaging security, eliminating messaging threats over email, SMS, and MMS while alerting and remediating botnet activity.

For email environments, Cloudmark Security Platform provides inbound and outbound control over the message stream, deploying as a full-featured MTA or to supplement existing MTA.

In mobile messaging environments, the platform works with existing SMSCs and SMS router/firewalls to analyze and filter MO, MT, and AO messages. It also supports the analysis of MM1 messages at submission time.

The platform provides flexible policy and advanced workflow for granular message policy application, backed by customizable logging and analytics.

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Supported infrastructure vendors for SMS, MMS, and RCS include:

  • Acision
  • Alcatel Lucent
  • Mavenir
  • Mavenir (legacy Airwide)
  • NSN
  • Openmind
  • TeleDNA
  • Vantrix

Threat Intelligence and Reporting

Cloudmark Sender Intelligence

Cloudmark Sender Intelligence uses real-time data from the Cloudmark Global Threat Network to create accurate, comprehensive IPv4 and IPv6 sender profiles enabling operators to set informed policies against good, bad, and suspect senders. Data from Cloudmark Sender Intelligence can be integrated into network perimeter devices, such as edge mail transfer agents (MTAs) to protect messaging infrastructure.

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Reputation services support IPv4 and IPv6 environments.

GSMA Spam Reporting Service

Powered by Cloudmark, the GSMA Spam Reporting Service enables users to report SMS spam easily via the short code text “7726” (S-P-A-M). This allows operators to understand the volume and nature of messaging threats traversing their networks.

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The GSMA Spam Reporting Service has been adopted by regulatory bodies and top carriers in:

  • Australia
  • Argentina (Telecom Personal)
  • Brazil (country-wide)
  • New Zealand (country-wide)
  • North America (AT&T, Bell Mobility, C-Spire, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon Wireless)
  • United Kingdom (country-wide)

Exchange Server Protection

Cloudmark Server Edition

Cloudmark Server Edition is an anti-spam plug-in for Microsoft Exchange Server that provides accurate real-time protection against spam, phishing, and email-borne viruses.

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Cloudmark Server Edition supports the following Microsoft Exchange Server versions:

  • 2003
  • 2007
  • 2010

Retroactive Threat Scanning

Cloudmark ActiveFilter

Cloudmark ActiveFilter uses the most up-to-date data on new threats to retroactively analyze previously scanned messages. This innovative technology continuously reviews newly-available fingerprints to identify potentially harmful messages delivered up to several hours prior, enabling lightweight targeted mail store clean-up.

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