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Configuring CSE for Mobile Spam Filtering

There is a short delay between the time at which a spam message arrives at the Exchange server and the time at which it is filtered out of the mailbox by CSE.

  • For mobile devices that receive messages by “server push” technology, the server should be configured to delay the push so that spam can be filtered before messages are delivered to the device.
  • For mobile devices that receive messages by “client pull” technology, server configuration is not relevant. These devices can be configured to check for new messages at an interval that will generally accommodate spam filtering. On rare occasions, spam message may arrive at or about the moment at which the mobile device pulls new messages. In this case, the spam messages may be delivered to the device, unfiltered.

This topic explains how to perform server-side configuration to introduce a message synchronization delay for mobile devices using server push technology. This delay allows CSE to filter spam before messages are delivered to mobile devices.

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