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Configuring spam folder names

This topic provides instructions for configuring the names of the designated folders for spam, phishing, and email-borne viruses. CSE can automatically move spam and phishing to either of these configured folders, as explained in the following topics:

Both the local folder and the public folder are available to users as feedback folders; that is, users can drag spam and phishing messages into either of these folders in order to automatically send feedback to the Cloudmark Global Threat Network.

To configure spam folder names

  1. Open the Server Configuration window.
  2. Click the Spam tab.
  3. In the “Local spam folder name” field, enter the name of the local spam folder.

    This folder will be automatically created in users' local mailboxes.

  4. In the Public spam folder Name field, enter the name of the public spam folder.

    This folder will be automatically created as a public folder.

    If this field is grayed out, then mail checking for public folders is disabled. See Enabling mail checking for public folders.

  5. Click OK.

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