Cloudmark Security Platform

Cloudmark Security Platform is a high-performance, carrier-grade messaging security solution that automatically detects and mitigates all categories of messaging abuse and threats across communications service provider (CSP) networks. Built on 12 years of innovation, Cloudmark Security Platform provides a powerful, yet flexible foundation supporting a variety of content and subscriber-level policy controls.

Advanced Messaging Security

Cloudmark Security Platform enables CSPs to apply the most powerful messaging security available across SMS, MMS, email and social media. Our carrier-class software leverages patented protocol and content-based filtering algorithms to provide network-level protection against rapidly morphing spam, malware, and phishing attacks.

Efficient and Scalable Protection

Cloudmark’s message processing and filtering protocols require only a fraction of the resources of competitive solutions, resulting in significant hardware consolidation and power savings. Clustering capabilities enable carrier-class scalability and reliability for the most demanding environments.

Granular Threat Control

To optimize security and network performance at a granular level, administrators can apply advanced threat prevention techniques including flow control, denial-of-service protection, traffic shaping, and connection throttling to restrict all forms of messaging abuse and related threats.

Features and Benefits

  • Industry Leading Content Filtering Engine

    Powered by Cloudmark Authority, Cloudmark Security Platform provides comprehensive anti-spam, anti-phishing and anti-virus filtering at the protocol stage or at the content filtering stage.

  • Advanced Flow Control

    With rate-limiting and traffic shaping capabilities, Cloudmark Security Platform drastically reduces messaging abuse at the network level, deterring spammers from sending large volumes of unwanted email to the network.

  • Adaptive Policies

    Cloudmark Security Platform gathers threat intelligence by tracking real-time and historical message characteristics such as header data, envelope information, message content, and message verdicts. Messaging security policies are updated dynamically, providing immediate, automatic protection against rapidly-morphing spam, phishing and malware attacks.

  • Extensible Platform and Policy Engine

    Cloudmark Security Platform interfaces with all major message stores, databases, provisioning systems, billing systems, directories, and legacy email servers for easy deployment. Administrators gain comprehensive control of service levels and workflows, harnessing the full power of custom rules, white/blacklists, sender authentication and other policies.

  • Shared Intelligence to Defeat Complex Attacks

    To protect against "snowshoe" attacks (spam attack spread across many targets to avoid detection) and high-volume sequential attacks against individual hosts, Cloudmark Security Platform installations share threat intelligence across the cluster within a customer's environment.

  • Reporting and Analytics

    With Cloudmark Security Platform, you gain real-time visibility into threats, delivery problems, and sender abuse with Web-based, real-time and historical reporting. This early stage intelligence translates in improved policy decision-making and infrastructure planning.

How it Works

For Cloudmark Security Platform integrates seamlessly into mobile networks as a call-out function with existing SMSCs, SMS routers, and other STP or signaling gateways. In fixed network environments, Cloudmark Security Platform can work with or replace legacy email servers.

Cloudmark Security Platform provides policy controls in the following ways:

  • Protocol control policies — set alarms or block traffic based on a combination of volume patterns, protocol attributes and/or sender reputation
  • Content control policies — take action on messages with certain keywords or content in order to enforce acceptable use restrictions or enable new services like parental controls
  • Subscriber controls — provides per-subscriber services such as sender block or allow lists
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