Cloudmark Insight

Protect Yourself with Power and Performance

Cloudmark Insight is the most comprehensive threat intelligence powered by observing the messaging behavior of 500 million active users. Cloudmark Insight provides a unique perspective on the threat landscape, which empowers organizations of any scale to defend against a wide variety of abuse vectors. Reputation information on IP addresses, domains, and URLs is provided via an easy to integrate REST API exposed by a lightweight server installed on-premises. Threat updates are delivered every 30 seconds, ensuring your system is informed of emerging threats as soon as they are observed.

  • Secure your Corporate Infrastructure

    Cloudmark Insight provides the additional layer of intelligence you need to protect your network from external threats. Potential threat vectors, including phishing email calls to action, hacked web pages, and malware-hosting sites, are tracked using a combination of Cloudmark's Global Threat Network and backend web content analysis. Cloudmark Insight can disrupt user attempts to access web pages contained in phishing messages or attempts to access known malicious web pages. Network connections to malicious web sites can be blocked by integrating Cloudmark Insight into a firewall, a web proxy, or DNS solution. In addition, by integrating Cloudmark Insight into your SIEM infrastructure, you can generate alerts when users or infected systems attempt to visit malicious sites.

  • Prevent Abuse of your Service

    Cloudmark Insight's REST API can easily integrate with any platform or service you are currently running, both internally and externally. This affords you the opportunity to use Cloudmark Insight's threat intelligence to not only protect your corporate infrastructure but to also prevent nefarious use of your externally-facing customer services. For hosting providers or content platforms, Cloudmark Insight can be used to validate new sign-ups or audit current customers to ensure that bad actors are not able to access or utilize your systems.

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