Real-Time Computer Virus Defense

Zero-Hour, Real Time Computer Virus Defense Through Collaborative Filtering

Conventional anti-virus software relies on a staff of researchers to isolate and analyze viruses, identify them with a fingerprint, and then write and test code and rules to block them. This process takes up to 24 hours and often blindly blocks many legitimate messages with attached executable code.

In contrast, Cloudmark’s Global Threat Network™ uses advanced message fingerprinting to identify each incoming message, combined with a reputation-based, trusted community of real-time users to identify malicious viruses.

The principle of community-based collaborative filtering was critical in the design of our anti-spam service, known as the Cloudmark Global Threat Network.

This exclusive white paper details:

  • How Cloudmark leverages community-based collaborative filtering
  • How this approach dramatically improves accuracy over traditional models

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