The View from the CFO's Spreadsheet

The True Cost of SMS Spam

SMS spam is generating significant recurring costs for many mobile operators, with dismal predictability from one financial quarter to the next.

As we demonstrate in this paper, if SMS spam is left unaddressed, a mobile operator with 10 million subscribers can easily incur an annual cost of almost $6 million just in call center costs and asymmetrical inter-operator SMS termination charges.

The immediate, demonstrable near-term costs of SMS spam aren't the only issue either. Those mobile operators that are at the very cutting edge of the mobile broadband applications and service revolution recognize that security vulnerabilities in any part of the ecosystem undermine their prospects of monetizing the next big market opportunities.

This exclusive white paper details:

  • Why industry trends make SMS an increasingly attractive attack vector
  • Why new attacks appear increasingly plausible to consumers
  • How existing spam filtering solutions can prevent more than 95% of malicious SMS messages

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