Outbound Messaging Security for Broadband Networks

SMTP Abuse Prevention in IPv6 Networks

As unallocated IPv4 address space approaches exhaustion, IPv6 deployment becomes more critical for fixed line operators, mobile operators, and enterprises alike.

While IPv6 solves the problem of limited IPv4 space, it also increases the chances of introducing security weaknesses within enforceable messaging server policy. IPv6 expands the threat surface for network attack in several dimensions and for messaging infrastructure IPv6 increases the threat potential by many orders of magnitude over the existing IPv4-enabled messaging infrastructure.

After reviewing this paper, readers should understand the likely threats that IPv6 deployment presents to their messaging infrastructure and be able to discuss rational deployment roadmaps with their management that support necessary messaging ca- pabilities without exposing their messaging services to unnecessary risk and significant capital investment.

This exclusive white paper details:

  • Background on IPv6 technology
  • Messaging anti-abuse complexities introduced by IPv6
  • Adapting today's IPv4 MTA policy to tomorrow's network

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