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Marshal Integrates Cloudmark Technology to Augment Leading Anti-Spam Engine and Provide Even Faster and More Consistent Spam Detection

MailMarshal SpamProfiler with Cloudmark Authority detects 99.5% of spam consistently

ATLANTA (January 23, 2008) – Integrated email and Internet content provider Marshal and Cloudmark, Inc., the global leader in carrier-grade messaging security, today announced a partnership to integrate Cloudmark's best-of-breed message filtering technology into the new SpamProfiler layer of Marshal's multilayered Defense-in-Depth Anti-Spam Engine. MailMarshal SpamProfiler with Cloudmark Authority detects at least 99.5% of spam consistently, thereby mitigating the security and performance challenges posed by growing messaging security threats.

"Continually evolving security and messaging threats means vendors must constantly innovate to stay ahead of the deluge of abuse," said Jacinta Tobin, vice president of Worldwide Sales and Business Development at Cloudmark. "The integration partnership with Marshal enables enterprises to benefit from the most advanced messaging security technologies available. We bring the accuracy and detection speed of Cloudmark's technologies to Marshal's market-leading enterprise security solution."

Marshal has integrated Cloudmark Authority into SpamProfiler, the newest layer of anti-spam protection in Marshal's Defense-in-Depth Anti-Spam Engine, which powers Marshal's email gateway solutions. SpamProfiler increases the consistency of spam detection, speeds message processing throughput and enhances detection of foreign language spam. It uses sophisticated algorithms to create spam signatures that identify instantly any message that resembles known spam. SpamProfiler receives signature updates as frequently as every ten minutes and performs exceptionally well even with foreign language spam. It accurately identifies and blocks the bulk of spam as it is received, maximizing message throughput and saving server resources.

"Our goal is to keep businesses virtually spam free," said Steve Sheinbaum, vice president of Marshal, Americas Region. "Developing a consistently effective anti-spam and anti-phishing defense is an ongoing and never-ending mission because formats and techniques to send are continually evolving. We are pleased to supplement the SpamProfiler layer of our unrivalled anti-spam engine with Cloudmark Authority, which is very complementary to our existing technology. Combining technology from Cloudmark, another leading messaging security vendor, to our existing products is a major demonstrable benefit to all our customers."

Marshal's multilayered spam filtering system already includes SpamCensor, an advanced heuristic analysis layer, URLCensor, IP Reputation and DNS blacklists, and CountryCensor as well as highly customizable policy options. Cloudmark offers accurate, high-performance protection against spam, phishing and email-borne viruses. Cloudmark's technology is based on a unique combination of Advanced Message FingerprintingTM algorithms and real-time data on emerging threats from the Cloudmark Global Threat Network, consisting of 300 million trusted reporters in over 200 countries. In addition to the highest level of accuracy, Cloudmark offers unmatched message throughput, significantly lowering CPU resource/server requirements.

More information on the MailMarshal Gateway Email Security solutions is located at More information about Cloudmark Authority is located at

About Marshal

Marshal is a global leader in Content Security across multiple protocols, enabling organizations to secure their IT environment, protect against threats and comply with corporate governance needs. Marshal provides customers with a complete portfolio of policy-driven Email and Internet solutions that integrate content filtering, compliance, secure messaging and archiving. Forty percent of the Global Fortune 500 companies use Marshal security solutions to secure their corporate messaging networks and web against internal abuse and external threats such as viruses, spam and malicious code. More than seven million users in 18,000 companies worldwide use Marshal solutions to protect their networks, employees, business assets and corporate reputation and to comply with corporate governance legislation requirements.

Marshal is headquartered in Atlanta (USA) and London (UK) with further offices in Paris (France), Munich (Germany), Johannesburg (South Africa), Houston (USA), Sydney (Australia) and Auckland (New Zealand). More information is available at

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Cloudmark is a trusted leader in intelligent threat protection against known and future attacks, safeguarding 12 percent of the world’s inboxes from wide-scale and targeted email threats. With more than a decade of experience protecting the world’s largest messaging environments, only Cloudmark combines global threat intelligence from a billion subscribers with local behavioral context tracking to deliver instant and predictive defense against data theft and security breaches that result in financial loss and damage to brand and reputation. Cloudmark protects more than 120 tier-one service providers, including Verizon, Swisscom, Comcast, Cox and NTT, as well as tens of thousands of enterprises.

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