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Cloudmark Unveils Multi-Point Security Solution for Holistic Spam Protection

Award-Winning Cloudmark Desktop Anti-Spam, Anti-Phishing and Anti-Virus E-mail Filter Now Available for Windows Mail Users

First End-to-End Messaging Security Solution Delivers Protection from the Network to the User Inbox

San Francisco – September 22, 2008 – Cloudmark, Inc., the global leader in carrier-grade messaging security, today announced its Multi-Point Security™ solution, the first end-to-end messaging security suite that protects all points in the messaging infrastructure, from the network through to the user mailbox. With Cloudmark's Multi-Point Security solution, service providers benefit from a cohesive solution that delivers greater breadth of threat coverage, near 100 percent accuracy, reduced resource requirements, simplified management and faster issue resolution.

Today, spammers are deploying increasingly sophisticated techniques to evade spam, phishing and virus filters and reach their targets. For example, new attacks merge multiple threat types into converged "mash-up" attacks and feature mutating message variations within an individual attack, all to get around existing protections. Spammers also continue to increase the speed and volume by which they distribute new attacks, a technique that inevitably leads to some spam getting through to e-mail inboxes. All of this has lead to significant operational challenges and a harsh reality for most operators: spam now constitutes more than 95 percent of all e-mail traffic and 15 percent of mail stores. In addition, escalating spam volumes and unexpected attacks result in unplanned "infrastructure creep," as well as unreliable accuracy, causing operational fire-drills whenever a spam outbreak occurs.

To deal with the exploding spam problem, service providers have been forced to cobble together "point solutions" isolated to their messaging servers to attempt to achieve acceptable levels of accuracy in blocking spam messages and true infrastructure protection. Unfortunately, these point solutions provide incomplete protection. With multiple layers acting independently, separate point solutions inevitably lead to manageability problems, lower accuracy resulting from gaps between point solutions that can be exploited by attackers, and a general lack of accountability and ownership among multiple vendors when a new outbreak occurs.

Cloudmark's Multi-Point Security solution changes the paradigm by bringing together best-in-class network, filtering, storage and user feedback solutions into a single offering that delivers protection every stage in the messaging infrastructure. Cloudmark's Multi-Point Security solution includes:

  • Cloudmark Sender Intelligence™ service at the Network and Protocol Stages: Cloudmark blocks, throttles or allows connections at the network level or during the SMTP session using highly accurate sender data, resulting in reduced resource and bandwidth requirements.
  • Cloudmark Authority™ software at the content stage: The industry's fastest and most accurate content filtering solution for spam, phishing and viruses.
  • Cloudmark ActiveFilter™ technology at the Mail Store: Cloudmark deletes or moves unopened spam messages that have slipped past existing defenses from subscriber inboxes without requiring any rescanning. This highly efficient and scalable process eliminates the advantages of high-speed attacks and helps operators increase filtering accuracy to more than 99 percent.
  • Cloudmark Network Feedback System™ at the User Interaction Stage: Cloudmark enables improved user experiences through the Cloudmark Network Feedback System, leading to improved "stickiness" of operator services. This includes empowering users to influence message classifications in real time by reporting spam and false positives, enabling users to safely unsubscribe from newsletters they no longer want, and giving end users visibility into filtering effectiveness and how their feedback is being incorporated.
  • Cloudmark Gateway™ software enabling a single management platform: Cloudmark brings together Cloudmark Sender Intelligence™ technology to block, throttle or pass traffic in real time with Cloudmark Authority software and a unified policy engine that enables advanced message handling capabilities to thwart new attacks all in a single, easy-to-manage edge MTA system.

"Over the past several years, Cloudmark has taken a leadership position in the service provider e-mail security market," said Jamie de Guerre, chief technology officer at Cloudmark. "Happy with the solutions we provide, our customers have increasingly looked to us for help with problems across their messaging environments. Cloudmark's Multi-Point Security solution is our response to these demands, developed through strong innovation and partnership with the world's largest operators. This is truly an industry first, bringing together our industry-leading technologies into a single, cohesive offering that delivers the highest levels of protection at every point in the messaging infrastructure. By looking at the total problem, we have created a solution that results not only in reduced system resources and greater filtering accuracy, but also simplified management and resolution. We firmly believe that with our Multi-Point Security solution, Cloudmark gives operators every advantage in the battle against spam."

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Cloudmark is a trusted leader in intelligent threat protection against known and future attacks, safeguarding 12 percent of the world’s inboxes from wide-scale and targeted email threats. With more than a decade of experience protecting the world’s largest messaging environments, only Cloudmark combines global threat intelligence from a billion subscribers with local behavioral context tracking to deliver instant and predictive defense against data theft and security breaches that result in financial loss and damage to brand and reputation. Cloudmark protects more than 120 tier-one service providers, including Verizon, Swisscom, Comcast, Cox and NTT, as well as tens of thousands of enterprises.

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