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Cloudmark Acquires Bizanga To Further Vision For Holistic Messaging Security Solutions

San Francisco—February 16, 2010—Cloudmark, Inc., the global leader in carrier-grade messaging security, today announced it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Bizanga, Ltd., the global company behind the most scalable and full-featured message processing platform. The acquisition will benefit operators by delivering a unified solution that increases the performance, reliability and security of their messaging infrastructure and decreases their system integration and management costs.
Today’s messaging infrastructures are tasked with operating against a deluge of spam, accounting for more than 90 percent of the mail volume that operators receive. To combat messaging threats at their earliest outbreaks, carriers are continually looking for innovative solutions to stop spam as quickly and as early as possible at the network's edge. Through the combination of technologies, Cloudmark plans to move more intelligence from the backend service to the edge of the operator network, enabling higher filtering rates and thereby closing the gap on spammers.
The Bizanga messaging platform uniquely complements Cloudmark solutions, together delivering a holistic messaging security solution that combines messaging management and complete, end-to-end filtering solutions to protect against all forms of current and emerging messaging threats. The acquisition will enable a powerful, single solution that delivers the most robust and highest performing messaging protection against current and emerging threats.
Under the terms of the agreement, intellectual property pertaining to message store technology, previously the BizangaStore product, will be owned by a separate and independently operated entity, led by Jerome Lecat, former chief executive officer of Bizanga. The new entity will focus solely on developing and delivering scalable storage software solutions for the email market.
“Cloudmark has led the fight against messaging abuse through innovative product development, providing customers with unparalleled protection, cost savings and choice. By combining forces, I am both confident and excited about the prospect of delivering a single-source messaging security solution that dramatically simplifies and protects against messaging abuse,” said Olivier “Mario” Lemarié, former chief technical officer of Bizanga, who will be joining Cloudmark as vice president of Gateway Technology as part of the acquisition. “I am delighted to be joining the Cloudmark team and will work with Cloudmark’s world-class customer support and partner development teams to ensure a seamless transition.”
“The acquisition of Bizanga is part of our ongoing commitment to provide operators with the most advanced messaging solutions to address infrastructure and security demands,” said Hugh McCartney, chief executive officer of Cloudmark. “By integrating the industry’s best messaging security solution with the leading messaging platform, we can offer carriers a single-source messaging security solution for the entire infrastructure and continue to broaden our product offering with further innovations.”
Currently deployed by some of the largest operators in the world, Bizanga’s Intelligent Message Processor® (IMP) platform and Cloudmark’s award winning messaging security software are already integrated as a result of an existing OEM partnership. Bizanga’s scalable and full-featured email message processing and security platform can be deployed to protect the email infrastructure from blended threats, including spam, viruses, denial-of-service and harvesting attacks. Cloudmark’s carrier-grade software solution delivers the industry’s fastest and most accurate spam, phishing and virus protection. Due to a unique combination of Advanced Message FingerprintingTM technology along with real-time corroborated feedback from Cloudmark’s Global Threat NetworkTM system combined with automated, anonymous traffic analysis and dedicated security analysts, Cloudmark detects messaging abuse with up to 99 percent accuracy and near-zero false positives.

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Cloudmark is a trusted leader in intelligent threat protection against known and future attacks, safeguarding 12 percent of the world’s inboxes from wide-scale and targeted email threats. With more than a decade of experience protecting the world’s largest messaging environments, only Cloudmark combines global threat intelligence from a billion subscribers with local behavioral context tracking to deliver instant and predictive defense against data theft and security breaches that result in financial loss and damage to brand and reputation. Cloudmark protects more than 120 tier-one service providers, including Verizon, Swisscom, Comcast, Cox and NTT, as well as tens of thousands of enterprises.

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