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Analysts estimate that up to 90% of today's email traffic includes some form of messaging abuse such as spam, fraud, phishing and malware. Unwanted email traffic burdens ISP and hosting provider networks, causing administrative fire drills and unplanned investments in infrastructure, storage and bandwidth. Email-borne viruses can infect consumer devices and network servers, requiring expensive support and remediation programs. Customers call to complain, or simply move their service to a more trusted provider.

In order to remain competitive and improve adoption of additional services, ISPs and hosting providers must deliver a secure and trusted messaging experience. Cloudmark solutions automatically detect and block all forms of inbound and outbound messaging abuse, before it can impact networks and subscribers. Cloudmark unburdens your network and email servers of unwanted traffic to reduce operating costs, infrastructure requirements and support call volumes. Customers will enjoy a secure and trusted messaging experience, improving brand loyalty and reducing churn. Cloudmark security solutions for fixed networks include:

Cloudmark Security Platform

Cloudmark Security Platform for Email is a high-performance, carrier-grade messaging security solution that automatically mitigates the latest messaging abuse and threats on fixed provider networks without intervention. A unique combination of innovative technologies, expert research and real-time threat updates enable identification and blocking of malicious senders and content.

Cloudmark Security Platform : Mobile Messaging Features

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We selected Cloudmark considering their expertise and experience in the message security industry, and the high performance and flexibility level of the solutions they provide. We look forward to working with Cloudmark to continue providing the best messaging protection for our customers.
Sylvain Causse, France Telecom / Orange

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Cloudmark CEO Hugh McCartney explains why service providers choose Cloudmark

Cloudmark CEO Hugh McCartney explains why the world's largest communications service providers choose Cloudmark

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