Cloudmark is the most trusted leader in security — protecting traffic, data and infrastructure. We safeguard service providers, enterprises and consumers worldwide with immediate, predictive protection from ever-evolving network threats.

Cloudmark’s patented threat protection software platform learns and adapts to escalating threats by leveraging big data analytics from locally collected data and from our Global Threat Network — the most comprehensive repository of global threat intelligence in the world.

Cloudmark provides proven, carrier-grade scalability and operability. And, unlike hardware and appliances, Cloudmark solutions minimize the need for Cap Ex investment. The Cloudmark Security Platform can be deployed on premise or in the cloud; in both traditional and virtualized environments. It will lower the cost of providing agile, automated security to your network while assuring business continuity.

Cloudmark's patented solutions protect more than 120 tier-one service providers worldwide, including AT&T, Verizon, Swisscom, Comcast, Cox and NTT. We have an extensive ecosystem of partners and we’re endorsed by the GSMA, which protects the interests of mobile operators across the globe.

Our History

Founded in San Francisco Bay Area in 2001 by Vipul Ved Prakash, Cloudmark’s name was inspired by a term from Vernor Vinge’s science fiction novel, A Fire Upon the Deep, an apt reference to the language used in routing massive electronic traffic across the universe. Cloudmark has flourished in the Bay Area’s progressive setting, fueling innovation and expanding its reach to offices in London, Paris, and Tokyo.

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